Saturday, September 29, 2007


First of all, this is for anyone out there who can relate to me when I say I'm tired of being looked at like I am something less than human just because I am overweight. This is for everyone who knows how it feels to be told one too many times 'You've got such a pretty face.. if only...' And for those of you who understand how it feels to start a diet and feel like you are getting somewhere, only to screw up once again and gain all the weight you lost back, plus more.And this is for all of you guys out there who have overlooked me because I am not the size 2 barbie doll that you have come to think is 'normal' because the cover of a Book tells you it is. This is not meant to be negative in anyway. This is my way of holding myself accountable to a goal that I have set for myself and letting you see me achieve it. And maybe in the process, I will inspire someone to change their lives as well!!!! I am doing this for myself first and then for my family so i can enjoy life, my husband and kids , i want to grow old with kelvin and see my kids grow up, but have to admit that I can't wait to show everyone who has passed me by exactly what they missed!!!! I have been overweight since I was a little girl, but by the time this journey is over, I will no longer be known as the 'fat girl with the pretty face' I am in the process of losing at 42.5kg. I have so far lost 10.7kg, 6.8kg of that since rejoining weight watchers. I will keep you updated in my blogs and pictures. I hope to be an inspiration to others and to also be inspired by the new friends I hope to meet along the way. Please join me on this amazing journey. I started weight watchers on the 24th May 07. That day i started counting points. I try to workout 5-6 days a week. Walking is my absolute favorite, I also try to do my cross trainer(which is a killer), exercise bike and weights. I don't believe in diet drugs just hard work. I think that french fries and chocolate are the worst foods ever created!!!! I used to love it but once you get it out of your system it makes you sick to overindulge which is a good thing and there is not one nutritious thing about it!!!! If I can give that junk up trust me anybody can! I"m a stress eater and also i think when i get bored picker too!!!! I'm learning to overcome that, thank God. I promised myself for the last time I would get healthy and lose the weight! It took me a month to get started and realise i need help an go back to weight watchers, but even that at the start wasn't enough to get me motivated, but the best thing i did was join UNLIMITED!!!! an use the WW BOARDS!!!!, now i talk to many wonderful people, and have made some really good freinds and now I am well on my way. I can't believe the amount of friends and support I have already. It is quite amazing.
I have struggled with weight issues from a young age. I understand the stress emotionally and physically that comes with excess weight. I'm not a liscensed therapist or a weight counselor ... I'm just someone who understands what you are going through or have went through. my goal is to be happy and healthy!!!!! This is a "friendly" place to have so i have a record of how far i have came with my weight loss and a place where i never hope to return TOO!!!!!!

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