Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Had weight in tonight and wouldn't you know it, it's also (TTOM) again a bit all over the place since i got my tubes tied after having Abbey. An i always gain, lucky i guess last time i stayed the same, i only gained 300g, but a gain is a gain, and i know i ate with in my points, was sick and didn't do exercise all week, so that wouldn't have help!!!!Just got to get back into the exercise, so this week i'm doing the step challenge 1029 to start with an if i can reach that then i'll keep going to the 1200 one, only got 10 cement stairs outside my yard leading to the main street, so i'll do it at night, so the neighbours don't see me huffing and puffing up and down 10 stairs like a mad woman!!!!!!!

My goals for this week are-

1. Drink min of 3 lts of water
2. 5 x 40 min walks (min)
3. eat the fruit and vege serves
4.no alcohol
5. the steps challenge

I'll see how i go as now i have 600g gained over 2 weeks to loose, bummer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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mimbles said...

My TTOM is completely random as I have an Implanon implant, I can be anywhere from 4 to 10 weeks apart. But I still seem to end up with a 4 week cycle of 3 good weeks and one bad, weird.

I admire your willingness to walk up and down the same 10 steps over and over, I think I'd get bored. Or fall over and die. LOL

Here's to a good week!