Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Ok so not the best start to the 2nd half the year, but back on track put all my hurt and pain into exercise and the right eating, instead of eating my pain with junk and no exercise!!!!!I was getting back to the lowest i had been since my sister wedding in 2005 i was down to 112.9kg...Xmas was in a few weeks my goal was if i couldn't loose t0 at least maintain my loss for the year.

But in one phone call it all crumbled i had a call to let me know that my grandma had died, it was already a part of the eyar i hate as tommorw would be my dads aniversary, OMG how could this happen not only have i lost my nana but now my grandma too, in the space of a few months, i can't remember much about that day i know i cried alot..... Finally the arrangements where made and her funeral was xmas eve, we had the viewing the night before, something i didn't know if i could do!!!!!!!!!!

My last memories where of my dad, as it was the same place where we had his viewing. For me i was 8 and i couldn't come to terms that my dad was gone, until the night of his viewing, that is one memory i still have very strong in my memory. But in the end i did and i'm very glad i did as she was peaceful and i got to say my goodbyes, as the last time i had seen her was when we where down for my nana's funeral.............

(as my kids called her)

We had a wonderful grandmother
One who never really grew old
Her smile was made of sunshine
And her heart was solid gold
Her eyes where as bright as shinning stars
And in her cheeks fair roses u see.

We had a wonderful grandmother
And that's the way it will always be
But take heed, because
She is still keeping an eye on all of us
So lets make sure
She will like what she see's.

I LOVE U......

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