Tuesday, December 30, 2008


OMG is it possible to gain 6.6kg's in 2 weeks, 129.4kg's now!!!!!!! + the 1kg gain the week before so really it's 7.6kg's in 3 weeks, LOL i'm good at doing the program the wrong way!!!!! well with me anything is possible!!!!! So i'm doing the fast track of the new satisfaction program, hoping to get back so i have my 20kg's lost, then move forward for the new year 2009!!!!!

So far so good food wise an points today was good, also got 35mins done on the treamill!!!! It's so hot here my hair was dripping so that has to do some good !!!!!! My new goal is 5kg's that will get me back to my 20kg lost so far!!!! Then 5% which is 6.5kg's, then 10kg, then 10% which is 13kg's, then 15kg's then 20kg's!!!!

I have joined the 10kg for easter challenge so lets hope i do better than the xmas one, but i did do pretty good!!!! I almost made made it, so hoping i will for the easter one!!!!!

My goal for this week is to do the fast track points and exercise for 30 mins everyday, I'm determind to do it!!!!

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