Sunday, January 4, 2009

6th of JAN 2009 Father inlaws 60th B'day party!!!!!

Nate, Ryan(my nephew)& Abbey
had lots of fun
pretend riding the
4 weeler!!!!!
Got Alisha to get update Pic's of me for the blog!!!!!

Kelvin, Abbey & I

Abbey usually says her daddy!!!
an i say my daddy
but today she said our daddy!!!!
She can be so cute!!!!!
Well the 4th of January 2009, went to father inlaws today as it was his 60th B'day!!!!
I had grapes while they ate cheese an kabanna, bickie's, chips & dip!!!! I had steak and salad for lunch none of the high point, potato salad or marshmello salad!!!! I even opted out of the icecream cake homemade an i can tell you with the choc an cream high points!!!!! I did later on when the icecream van came around an we bought the kids icecreams, had a small soft serve icecream cone, all within my points balance of course!!!!!! So while i had my new xmas present camera out, I thought i'd get some update shots of me for on here and in my new weight watcher's book!!!!! All in all it was a good day and i was good foodwise!!!!!

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